Bulk Peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea bags are a perfect option for busy cafés and restaurants. At Tea Repertoire, we care about the environment and our pyramid tea bags are packed in 100% plastic-free, biodegradable material.  


Peppermint leaves from Egypt.


Refreshing and minty.  

Health Benefits: 

Peppermint might help the digestion and concentration, hence better brain activities.

If you are interested in the health benefits of tea visit our blog page.  

How to drink it? 

Prepare a cup of tea with 250 ML of water at the temperature of 95℃. Steep one peppermint tea bag from three to five minutes, depending on your strength preference.


150 or 300 biodegradable peppermint tea bags. Each pyramid tea bag contains 2g of peppermint leaves. 


If you prefer loose tea than pyramid tea sachets, we suggest having a look at our Peppermint Loose Leaf Bulk, which is the perfect choice for catering.   

We also propose our luxury teaware for clients at café and restaurants. Please get in touch for more information.  

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