Matcha Dolce Mio 100G (JAS-ORGANIC)

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Tea Type: Matcha Green Tea

Tea Region: Shizuoka, Japan

All You Need To Know About Matcha Dolce Mio (JAS-ORGANIC)

Our Matcha Dolce Mio 100G (JAS-ORGANIC) comes from a JAS-certified organic tea garden that uses sustainable, environmental-friendly, solar energy for tea production in Shizuoka, Japan. For those who haven't been to Japan, Shizuoka is Japanese green tea capital where many celebrated Japanese tea gardens are located with a scenic view of the famous Mountain Fuji. 

Matcha Dolce Mio is a high quality organic culinary matcha, perfect to make matcha latte, Japanese pastry and sweets. Its smooth, nutty flavour, lacking in bitterness will help you make a perfectly refreshing cup of matcha latte (our recommendation for milk is coconut milk or oat milk, which creates a lovely foamy base) as well as perfectly delicious Japanese cakes, matcha crepes (pancakes), matcha ice cream and desserts. Likely, its bright green colour will make your matcha latte and matcha based desserts really stand out with its beautiful green colour.  

In hot summer days, it makes a super delicious, refreshing, iced matcha latte. As it's aturally smooth and lacks in bitterness, there is no need to add additional sugar in your matcha latte. 

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