Medium Roasted Dong Ding

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Tea Type: Oolong Tea 

Tea Region: Shan Lin Xi, Nantou County, Taiwan

    Tasting Notes

    • Appearance: Clear, golden-orange, amber coloured infusion.
    • Aroma: Gardenia, milky, toasty, woody with a hint of tobacco. 
    • Flavour: Floral (gardenia), almond milk, toasty (vanilla, brown sugar) notes with a hint of clove. 
    • Mouthfeel: Complex liquor with a refreshing mouthfeel. 

    Brewing Guidance

    • Measure 1g of tea per 100ml water. Boil water to 90℃. Steep for 4-5 minutes.

    Reference: Op. 117

    Medium Roasted Dong Ding Loose Oolong Tea

    Tips for Tea Connoisseurs

    Our Medium Roasted Dong Ding (also spelled as "Tung Ting") oolong tea comes from Shan Lin Xi, Nantou County in Taiwan. Shan Lin Xi is a pristine nature reserve known for maples, wild-flowers and butterflies and reputed to produce sublime high mountain oolong tea. In particular, Shan Lin Xi oolong teas, grown in the high elevation of 1600m, are known to impart crispier, cooler and more refreshing aromas than high mountain oolong teas from other celebrated regions such as Alishan and Lishan.  

    Our Medium Roasted Dong Ding, made from tea leaves of the precious Qin Xin cultivar, which is traditionally used to make classical Dong Ding oolong tea, has been carefully processed and meticulously roasted to produce a classical roasted dong ding oolong tea. The result is a wonderfully complex liquor which reflects its unique terroir and the art of tea making. The careful and meticulous roasting, while adding a warmer, toasty undertone to the liquor, has not completely veiled the delicate, refreshing floral character of Qing Xin cultivar grown in the high elevation of Shan Lin Xi. 

    The history of Dong Ding oolong tea dates back to late 19th century, when a young student Lin Feng Chi returned from China to Lugu Township, Nantou County with 12 Qing Xin tea plants from Wuyi mountain in Fujian Province. He then cultivated them on Dong Ding Mountain (aka. "Frozen Summits") in Lugu Township, from which the tea has been named. Combining the unique terroir, low level of oxidation and medium to heavy roasting technique, Dong Ding oolong tea has now become one of the iconic Taiwanese oolong teas.  

    As with all the teas, oolong tea also offers us health benefits to increase our sense of well-being. Several studies indicate that oolong tea is a rich source of antioxidant polyphenols and it may well be just as beneficial as green tea to promote weight loss and cardiovascular health by reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol. 

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