Herbal Tea Gift Set

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For herbal tea lovers, we have created this delicious, caffeine-free, herbal tea gift set, consisting of our best selling tisanes in our herbal tea collection. 

This sublime tea gift set includes 20g of Lemon Verbena Swing, 20g of Greek Mountain Tea and 20g of Peppermint Herbal Tea.  

Lemon Verbena Swing is a fragrant herbal tea from Morocco, with distinctive citrusy, grassy notes. Made from hand-picked lemon verbena leaves, our Lemon Verbena Swing yields a highly refreshing and delicious liquor with a hint of lemon thyme. It is naturally caffeine-free, which makes it  as a perfect digestive infusion after dinner. 

Tasting Notes: Citrusy, zesty and light grassy notes with a hint of lemon thyme. 

Greek Mountain Tea is a beautiful herbal tea from Olympus Mountain, Greece. Made from hand-picked Greek herb, Sideritic Scardica, naturally grown on Olympus Mountain, this unique tisane yields a highly aromatic liquor with mild citrusy, minty and floral notes. It is also known as a rich source of antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory effect. Naturally caffeine-free, 

Tasting Notes: Delicate citrusy, minty and floral notes. 

Peppermint Bleu is a refreshing, caffeine-free herbal tea from Egypt. Made from carefully hand-picked peppermint leaves, our Peppermint Bleu yields a highly refreshing liquor with a sustained, cool, minty finish. It is known as helping digestion. 

Tasting Notes: Refreshing peppermint flavour with a sustained cooling finish. 

This unique selection of rare, hand-picked herbal teas will be a truly special gift for any tea lovers and tea connoisseurs - they are healthy, delicious and naturally caffeine-free, which makes this tea gift set an ideal gift for any occasions for your family, friends and colleagues. 


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