Japanese Tea Gift Set

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For Japanese tea lovers, we have created this luxury Japanese tea gift set for the coming Christmas, consisting of signature Japanese green teas.

This healthy and delicious tea gift set includes 50g of Sencha Asamushi, 50g of Matcha Genmaicha Duo and 50g of Hojicha

Sencha Asamushi is a lightly steamed Sencha, highly sought after for its elegant and refreshing flavour by Japanese green tea connoisseurs. We sourced this top quality sencha green tea from a family-run tea farm in Uji, which dates back to the Tensho era and has been awarded many times in the national tea competition. This elegant Sencha is one of the best examples of Sencha Asamushi we've come across.  

Tasting Notes: Sweet, umami, grassy, steamed vegetable (spinach, zucchini) notes with a hint of marine.

Matcha Genmaicha Duo is a unique blend of Genmaicha, Japanese green tea with brown rice kernels and premium high quality Matcha powder. While brewing, you will be able to enjoy the vivid, emerald green colour of the infusion. The combination of toasty Genmaicha  and nutty, herbaceous Matcha makes a perfect marriage, yielding a rich yet refreshing cup!

Tasting Notes: Roasted, nutty flavours (sesame) accompanied with delicate marine (grilled seaweed) and steamed vegetal notes (zucchini, spinach).

Hojicha is a roasted green tea from Japan, known for its delicious toasty flavour with a hint of coffee beans and caramel. This luscious, comforting tea is very easy to drink and lacks in astringency. It's a popularly served tea in Sushi restaurants in Japan. 

Tasting Notes: Toasty, coffee beans, vanilla, caramel flavours.

This unique selection of rare, authentic Japanese tea will be a truly special gift for any Japanese tea connoisseurs and green tea lovers. We are confident that this delicious and healthy Japanese green tea gift set will make a perfect gift for your family, friends and colleagues for the coming Christmas. 


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