Matcha Evergreen Bio (Barista Edition) JAS/EU/USDA ORGANIC

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Tea Type: Matcha Green Tea

Tea Region: Kagoshima, Japan

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Vivid, bright green, cloudy, foamy liquor.
  • Aroma: Delicate herbaceous note (watercress) harmoniously accompanied by sweet, nutty aroma. 
  • Flavour: Walnut, almond, umami flavours with a herbaceous watercress note. 
  • Mouthfeel: Rich, full-bodied, creamy liquor with smooth and refreshing mouthfeel. A touch of mild bitterness reminding of walnut skin leads to a sustained nutty finish. 

Brewing Guidance

  1. Place 2 teaspoons of Matcha (approx. 3g) into the Chawan bowl.
  2. Pour 30 ml of hot water (80℃) to blend matcha and hot water with bamboo whisk.
  3. Warm up and froth milk.
  4. Pour the frothy milk gently on top of the matcha/water blend paste.


Our Matcha Evergreen Bio (Barista Edition) 100g comes from a JAS certified organic tea garden in Kagoshima. 

If you're a matcha connoisseur, you'd probably know how difficult it is to get a decent quality, organically grown, ceremonial grade matcha. Often organic matcha sold in the market is so bitter, yellow-dull-green colour with herbaceous and astringent finish, which is far from the iconic, mellow and creamy, vegetal sweetness, features that we look for in the properly shade-grown, quality ceremonial matcha. So when we discovered this organically grown, delicious matcha from Kagoshima, we were so happy and excited about its creamy, vegetal and nutty flavour and smooth silky texture, lacking in bitterness and astringency. 

Our Matcha Evergreen Bio is the ceremonial grade usucha matcha, perfect to make a delicious, nutty, gourmet matcha latte, Japanese pastry and sweets. If you're a fan of Matcha Latte Supreme, our best-selling matcha to make matcha latte, pastry and sweets, try our new organic matcha, Matcha Evergreen Bio. It's really rich, smooth and creamy and the refreshing, sweet, nutty taste is more intense than Matcha Latte Supreme. It offers lovely nutty and herbaceous finish, lacking in unpleasant bitterness found in low quality matcha powder. 

As it's a real top quality matcha with outstanding, vibrant, fluorescent green colour, you will be even able to enjoy as traditional ceremonial thin matcha (Ushucha) that we drink with only water.

Also its gorgeous green colour (unlike that of yellow green colour that you find in low quality matcha which has been carelessly produced without long shading process) will make your matcha latte and matcha based patisserie (cakes, matcha crepes, matcha ice cream and matcha-based desserts) really stand out. 

To make a perfectly refreshing cup of matcha latte, our recommendation for milk is oat milk, almond milk or coconut milk, which creates a lovely foamy base.  

In hot summer days, it makes a super delicious, refreshing, iced matcha latte. As it's a top quality culinary matcha, it's naturally smooth and lacks in bitterness, there is no need to add additional sugar in your matcha latte. 

Our best-selling matcha for baristas and cafes. CERTIFIED EU/USDA ORGANIC.

Tips for Tea Connoisseurs 

Matcha is a finely grounded powdered green tea, made from tea leaves shade-grown for 3-6 weeks before the harvest. Due to its limited exposure to the sunshine, tea plants undergo a chain of physiological changes in order to survive, which, in turn, results in the changes of the chemical composition of the tea leaves. Produced this way, Matcha tea is extremely rich in antioxidants and L-theanine. 

Enhance your vitality with our Matcha. Our Matcha can be your perfect daily companion to boost the immune system and increase the sense of well-being. 

Known as a superfood rich in antioxidants and amino acids, Matcha has become a popular cooking ingredient for creative chefs and pâtissiers. Be creative to add our Matcha Evergreen Bio (Barista Edition) to your food recipes and share with us on social media. You can check our blog article on matcha recipes here: 

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