Cedar Forest Island Saemidori Shincha

Tea Repertoire


 Tea Region: Yakushima Island, Japan

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Fluorescent, bright green coloured infusion.
  • Aroma: Grilled salmon, umami, grassy notes accompanied by sea breeze. 
  • Flavour: Umami, marine, herbaceous, cut grass flavours with a hint of cedar note in the finish.
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth, medium-bodied liquor with a refreshing finish. 

Brewing Guidance

  • Measure 1g of tea per 100ml water. Boil water to 70℃. Steep for 2  minutes.

Tips for Tea Connoisseurs

Cedar Forest Island Saemidori Shincha is a deep steamed, Fukamushi Sencha, hailing from Yakushima island, which is located on the south of Kagoshima and is known for its sublime natural beauty. As tiny volume of green tea is produced on Yakushima island and it's very rare to find teas originating from here, even japanese tea drinkers get surprised to find out that teas are grown in this small, beautiful island. 

Made from tea leaves of fragrant, Saemidori cultivar, which is a highly praised cultivar among tea connoisseurs, this rare Sencha is made from carefully grown tea leaves harvested in March. As the island is located in the south, the first harvest can be done a month earlier than other tea terroir counterparts in the north and this makes Cedar Froest Shincha Saemidori the earliest Shincha available in Japan. When brewed, the liquor offers a refreshing, silky infusion with marine, umami, cut grass notes with a hint of cedar in the finish. 

As with all green tea, Cedar Forest Island Saemidori Shincha is rich in antioxidants and known for its potential health benefits such as promoting heart health, cancer prevention, boosting the immune system and lowering down blood pressure. 

Fantastic opportunity to try highly rare, Saemidori Sencha from a unique tea tea terroir in the south of Japan. This refreshing Sencha will not only enhance your vitality and energy, but will also lift your sprit any time of the day. 

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