Green Tea Gift Set

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For green tea lovers, we have curated this delightful tea gift set consisting of rare, high quality green teas from Japan, South Korea and China. 

This sublime tea gift set includes 25g of Gyokuro Reverie, 25g of Wild Arbor Joongjak and 25g of Bi Luo Chun Yunnan green tea. 

Gyokuro Reverie is a highly sought after Japanese green tea, made from tea plants carefully grown in Uji and shaded 30 days before harvest. Made by an award-winning 16th generation tea master, this outstanding Gyokuro offers a silky infusion with its distinctive umami, mellow, sweetness. 

Tasting Notes: rich, umami, buttered steamed greens (spinach, zucchini) with a refreshing herbaceous hint. 

Wild Arbor Joongjak is an artisan Korean green tea from Jiri Mountain, Hadong. Made from naturally grown wild tea bush, this delicious spring green tea offers a highly refreshing liquor with toasty, vegetal notes. One of our best selling green teas. 

Tasting Notes: umami, toasted, nutty (grilled chestnut) flavours with a slightly citrus-herbaceous hint. 

Bi Luo Chun Yunnan is an entirely hand-picked, hand-made Chinese green tea from Yunnan province. Made from tender spring buds, this green tea offers a delicate and gentle liquor with floral, nutty undertone. 

Tasting Notes: floral (jasmine), honey, sweet-nutty (grilled chestnut, baked sweet potato). 

This unique selection of delicious, artisan green tea will be a really special gift for any green tea lovers and tea connoisseurs. As green tea is well-known for its numerous health benefits, this green tea gift set will be also a thoughtful gift for your beloved family and friends for the coming Christmas. 


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