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For Korean tea connoisseurs and green tea lovers, we have created this highly unique, luxury Korean tea gift set, consisting of perfectly refreshing, gentle spring green teas and rare, artisan black tea from South Korea.  

This sublime tea gift set includes 50g of Sejak Tendresse, 50g of Wild Arbor Joongjak and 50g of Balhyocha black tea. 

Sejak Tendresse is a highly rare, artisan green tea from South Korea, made from the early spring harvest of wild tea bushes naturally grown on the slopes of Jiri Mountain, Hadong. While you may often encounter Korean green teas from Jeju Island abroad, entirely hand-picked and hand-made, top grade, wild bush Sejak green tea from Hadong is not easily available in the markets outside South Korea due to limited production. A rare opportunity to try authentic, hand-made, Sejak green tea from South Korea.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, toasty flavour with delicate floral and cooked vegetal (petit pois) notes. 

Wild Arbor Joongjak (also spelled as Jungjak) is a delicious, spring Korean green tea from Hadong, made from tea leaves picked in early May, just after the harvest to make Sejak green tea. Hadong is the renowned birthplace of Korean green tea, known for wild tea bushes, among which some date back to a millennium. Grown without any pesticide and chemical fertilisers, this refreshing green tea will be a highly welcomed addition to any green tea enthusiasts. 

Tasting Notes: Umami, toasty flavours with a slightly citrus-herbaceous hint. 

Balhyocha is a partially oxidised (approx. 80% oxidation level), artisan, Korean black tea, made from tea leaves of wild tea bushes naturally grown on the slopes of Jiri Mountain, South Korea. As it's not 100% oxidised like conventional black tea, in terms of oxidation level, it technically falls into a category of oolong tea. A truly unique tea, highly recommended for tea connoisseurs. 

Tasting Notes: Baked cocoyam (taro), woody, nutty (hazelnut), leathery with a hint of cinnamon in the finish. A great balance between sweetness and delicate astringency. 

All our Korean teas are Certified MAFRA Organic, which is equivalent to EU organic standards. 

This unique selection of rare, artisan Korean tea will be a really special gift for tea lovers. We are confident that this healthy, delicious, organic Korean tea gift set will be a memorable gift for your beloved family, friends and colleagues for any occasions. 


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