Pine Needle and Black Forest Tea Gift Set

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For tea connoisseurs and tea lovers who are always in search of highly rare and unique teas, we have curated this delightful tea gift set, consisting of a delicious green tea and a black tea from different Chinese tea producing regions. 

This sublime tea gift set includes 25g of Pine Needle Green Tea and 25g of Black Forest Black Tea. 

Pine Needles Green Tea (aka. Song Zhen) is a rare green tea from Lincang Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Made from tender spring leaves and buds, this tea has been masterfully handcrafted into a beautiful needle shape. A light, floral and fruity, refreshing green tea that can be savoured anytime of the day. 

Tasting Notes: Sweet, honey, floral (jasmine), fruity (peach, apricot) notes with a hint of chestnuts. 

Black Forest is a highly unique Chinese black tea from Lao Mountain in Shangdong Province, a northeastern part of China. Made from the early spring harvest of carefully grown tender tea leaves on the slopes of Lao Mountain, this beautiful black tea offers an incredibly smooth and luscious liquor that harmoniously blends dark chocolaty (truffles) and fruity (plum, cherry) flavours. 

Tasting Notes: Unmistakable dark chocolate note (truffle) with hint of woody and ripe stone fruits (plum, cherry). 

Pine Needle and Black Forest are one of top best selling teas in our tea collection. We are confident that this delightful tea gift set will be a really special gift for any green tea and black tea lovers. Treat your beloved family and friends with these delicious tea gift!


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