Silver Needle and Yunnan Golden Black Gianduja Tea Gift Set

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For Chinese tea lovers and tea connoisseurs, we have curated this sublime, luxury tea gift set consisting of hand-crafted, delicate white tea from Fujian Province and delicious black tea from Yunnan Province, China. 

This sublime tea gift set includes 25g of Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea and 25g of Yunnan Golden Black Gianduja Black Tea.  

Jasmine Silver Needle (aka. Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is a delicate, Chinese white tea from Fujian Province, made from a downy buds, harvested in spring and naturally scented with fresh jasmine blossoms in summer. Once brewed, Jasmine Silver Needle white tea offers a gracious infusion, which mingles intense honeyed jasmine floral note with the original delicate flavour of Silver Needle white tea - delicately fruity and vegetal notes. 

Tasting Notes: Jasmine and honey flavour with a subtle hint of vegetal and woody (hay, wicker, waxed wood) notes.  

Yunnan Golden Black | Gianduja is a variety of Dian Hong black teas from Yunnan province in China. Made from wild tea bushes grown in Simao prefecture, Yunnan Golden Black | Gianduja offers a luscious liquor with woody, dark chocolate flavours with a nutty finish evocative of hazelnuts.  A perfectly warming black tea in chilly days, which also makes a perfect match with chocolate based desserts.

Tasting Notes: Chocolaty, woody, malty flavours with a hint of hazelnuts.


This unique selection of delicious, artisan white tea and black tea gift set will be a truly special gift for any tea lovers. Spoil your beloved family and friends with this beautifully hand-picked luxury loose leaf tea gift! 

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