Individually Wrapped Yuzu Sencha Fujiyama Pyramid Tea Bags

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Indulge your senses with the exquisite taste of Yuzu Sencha Fujiyama Pyramid Tea Bags. This special fusion of Yuzu Sencha tea originates from Shizuoka, Japan, cultivated using a blend of the Okumidori and Yabukita cultivars. Certified organic according to Japan's JAS standards, this tea promises to delight your palate. Revel in the delightful sweetness and citrusy notes inherent in this one-of-a-kind Yuzu Sencha tea blend.

If you wish to purchase this green tea in loose leaf form, kindly click the designated option Sencha Fukujima.

Tea Region: Shizuoka, Japan

Tasting Notes 

  • Appearance: Our Yuzu Sencha Fujiyama Pyramid Tea Bags present a vibrant yellow-green infusion with a slight cloudiness.
  • Aroma: This green tea blend delivers a harmonious blend of fragrances, including sweet floral tones, a touch of citrus, cooked vegetal hints, and grassy notes.
  • Flavour: This distinctive loose leaf tea blend offers a floral and citrusy yuzu aroma accompanied by cooked vegetal nuances and a satisfying umami undertone.
  • Mouthfeel: Providing a delicate tea experience, it boasts a light and smooth liquor with a refreshing finish. Enjoy a medium-bodied cup with subtle astringency and a satisfying mouthfeel.

How to drink it? 

One tea bag per 300 milliliters of water. Boil water to 70 degrees Celsius. Steep for two minutes.


50 Individually Wrapped Pyramid Tea Bags of Yuzu Sencha Fukujima, fully biodegradable. Each tea bag holds 3g of Yuzu Sencha Fukujima.

Bulk Packaging Available for Cafes, Restaurants, and Hotels 

We supply our eco-friendly pyramid tea bags in bulk for restaurants and hotels. Contact us to open an account and benefit from our wholesale rates.

Sustainable Packaging - Taking a responsible action for our planet

The tea bags are 100% compostable, with 100% non-plastic envelopes, made from corn starches. With the luxury, tea leaf, single-origin tea leaves inside the pyramid tea bags. it is a perfectly ecological, sustainable, luxury solution for the nature and biodiversity conscious individuals.

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