• This is my favourite green tea and I order it regularly. I used to dislike any green tea for its bitterness but Sujin introduced me to her range of green teas which don’t carry any bitterness at all due to their high quality. This is my favourite one with its smooth flavour. A very special tea.

    Anna R.

  • The matcha and hojicha from tea repertoire is exceptional.
    Perfect for making my very needed morning lattes!
    Thank you for the great quality products.

    Ricardo C.

  • This multi layered tea certainly lives up to its name. Floral notes on the aroma and taste evoke those of an Oolong, furthermore the sappy sweetness for me is the real appeal of this tea. Best brewed Gong Fu style to appreciate its full potential over multiple infusions. Also very refreshing cold brewed! 

    Rebecca P.

  • First time that I have subscribed, I indeed will continue as the variety and teas are amazing! It's a lovely idea especially for people like me who really enjoy tea and want to explore more possibilities.

    Moise M.

  • This is my first purchase from Tea Repertoire and it is a beautiful find - its rich chocolate and timber notes, slight fruitiness and silky texture make it an ideal fireside brew for a comforting break.

    Marie C.

  • These Jasmine Pearls are lovely. Very nice delicate, light, tasty refreshing Jasmine tea.

    Also fun to see them unfurl. One of the best.

    Craig F.