If you have already tried our phoenix oolongs, you'd already know the pristine, exceptional quality of our Phoenix oolong teas. Phoenix dancong oolong tea, hailing from the legendary Phoenix mountain, Wudong, close to Chaozhou, in Guangdong province, China, tea quality varies so much depending on the altitude of the tea garden, age of the tea tree. When you find the real gem made from wild, ancient tea trees, the finesse and caliber of the tea have nothing to do with the teas made from tea leaves of young trees, mass cultivated on the low altitude of Wudong Mountain. If you're already a lover of Phoenix oolong teas, try our new dancong oolong teas, you will definitely experience the difference. 

Our Phoenix oolong teas come from a pristine tea garden situated 1100m - 1200m above sea level on Wudong Mountain, run by the 8th generation tea farmer, Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang is a well-respected tea master not only in the region of Chaozhou but nationwide, thanks to his exceptional tea quality made from ancient tea trees growing in his tea garden.

For serious tea enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs, we offer a unique experience to taste the difference of the age of the tea tree. For example, Duck Shit Fragrance and Honey Orchid oolongs, we offer 2 varieties, teas made from a relatively younger tea trees and older tea tree. 

Taste and experience our real, authentic, phoenix dancong oolong teas made from ancient gushu tea tress, one of the very best teas in the world!