Browse our collection of jasmine tea. Depending on what type of tea is used as the base material to scent and if tea leaves are naturally scented by real jasmine flowers in summer, the flavour profile of jasmine tea can vary a lot.

If you’d like to try jasmine tea using green tea as the base, you can try our Jasmine Phoenix Pearls or Wild Jasmine Green Tea, which will give you a refreshing cup of green tea with fragrant jasmine note. Jasmine Phoenix Pearls is one of best-selling jasmine from China and Wild Jasmine Green Tea is made from wild tea leaves grown in Northern Vietnam.

For white tea lovers, we recommend trying our Jasmine Silver Needle, which tastes slightly more mellow than green tea based jasmine tea.

Jasmine Oolong is also a delicious jasmine tea made with a lightly oxidised Four Seasons Spring Taiwanese oolong tea. Jasmine note is more delicate and subtle in Jasmine Oolong than in jasmine tea made from green tea base.