Matcha is a finely grounded powdered green tea, made from tea leaves shade-grown for 3-4 weeks before the harvest. Due to its limited exposure to the sunshine, tea plants undergo a chain of physiological changes in order to survive, which, in turn, results in the changes of the chemical composition of the tea leaves. Produced this way, Matcha tea is extremely rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that increases the sense of well-being and helps relaxation and antioxidants known for its potential health benefits such as promoting heart health, cancer prevention, boosting the immune system and helping anti-ageing. 

Our Matcha tea comes from award-winning tea gardens in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of Matcha in Japan. Made from carefully hand-picked, finest leaves and crafted by revered tea masters, our authentic selection of Matcha indeed offers nothing but the best of Matcha available even in Japan. 

Our range of Matcha includes award winning competition grade matcha, premium ceremonial grade matcha, a culinary grade matcha and biological, naturally grown ceremonial grade matcha. While Matcha is traditionally appreciated as a tea, it can be also used in lattes, juices, smoothies, desserts and pastries due to its versatile character. 

Explore our selection of sublime Matcha and and taste the difference. We are confident that you will find our authentic range of Matcha as a valuable contribution to your tea repertoire.

For connoisseurs of Matcha and fine pottery, we suggest browsing our exquisite and sophisticated, hand-crafted Matcha bowls from selected Japanese artists to enhance your Matcha ritual.