Japan produces some of the finest green tea and authentic Matcha in the world. The majority of Japanese green tea are steamed during the processing, rendering them a distinctly mellow flavour and thick texture with marine and vegetal notes. Green tea is also known as a rich source of antioxidants with several studies indicating potential health benefits of daily consumption of green tea. Our authentic Japanese green tea and Matcha come from award-winning tea gardens in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, where many celebrated tea gardens are located and reputed to produce the best green teas and Matcha throughout the whole of the Japanese archipelago. 

Our range of Japanese green teas includes different grades of Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha, Kukicha, Genmaicha and Genmaicha-Matcha-Duo and Hojicha. Carefully cultivated and crafted by tea masters with passion and perfectionism, our Japanese green teas offer the best representative of each kind of Japanese teas. In particular, our sublime, award-winning Matcha are even rare to find in Japan and we are confident that will even satisfy the discerning palate of Matcha connoisseurs. 

Explore the rich Japanese tea culture and heritage with Tea Repertoire and taste the difference. You will find our authentic range of Japanese teas as a valuable contribution to your tea repertoire. 

For connoisseurs of Japanese green tea and fine pottery, we suggest browsing our exquisite and sophisticated, hand-crafted ceramicware from selected artists to enhance your tea ritual.