Taiwan is home to the finest oolong teas in the world. Its long-standing tea tradition combined with a unique terroir and creative, innovative approaches, the country produces the most fragrant and aromatic oolong tea as well as outstanding green tea and black tea. Our exquisite Taiwanese Oolong teas come from renowned tea gardens in different parts of Taiwan - Nangang, Sanxia, Miaoli, Emei, Lugu, Sun Moon Lake, Qi Lai Mountain and Ali Mountain. Our range of authentic Taiwanese teas include legendary classics such as Oriental Beauty, Baozhong, Dong Ding, Four Seasons Spring, Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea, Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea as well as highly sought-after, rare, authentic, high mountain Qing Xin Oolong and luscious Bi Luo Chun Green Tea from Sanxia. 

Carefully cultivated and crafted by award-winning tea masters with passion and perfectionism, our Taiwanese teas offer the best representative of each kind of Taiwanese teas. We take pride in the quality of our Taiwanese tea collection and we are confident that our sublime Taiwanese oolong, green and black teas will even satisfy the discerning palate of tea connoisseurs. 

Explore the wonderful diversity of Taiwanese teas with Tea Repertoire and taste the difference. You will find our authentic range of Taiwanese teas as a valuable contribution to your tea repertoire. 

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