Traditional Tea Pottery

At Tea Repertoire, we acknowledge the significance of appropriate brewing vessels in appreciation of fine speciality tea. In our fine pottery collection, you will find a range of sublime teaware to meet your needs. 

In this collection, we only present hand-crafted, exquisite teaware by award-winnnig ceramic artists around the world. Some pieces are unique and exclusive to Tea Repertoire and we are confident that tea connoisseurs and fine pottery collectors will be delighted with our careful selection of fine pottery. 

In the Fine Chinese Pottery Collection, you will find authentic and sophisticated Gong Fu tea pots and tea cups from China and Taiwan. On the other hand, the Fine Japanese Pottery Collection presents gracious and elegant Japanese tea ceremony sets, tea pots, tea cups and Matcha bowls from Japan to complete your Japanese tea ritual. In the Korean Pottery Collection, you will find sublime Korean tea sets, tea pots, Matcha bowls crafted by renowned ceramic artists from South Korea. 

While we do offer some tea ceremony sets, we also recommend you to browse our fine pottery collection to create your own unique tea set by combining different items from our selective range. 

Explore our authentic fine pottery selection and experience flavours of culture in your tea moments. We hope you will find our fine teaware as a valuable contribution to your tea appreciation.  

Chinese Pottery Japanese Pottery Korean Pottery