Fine Japanese Pottery

Browse our collection of fine japanese tea pottery, which are all hand made from kilns in Kyoto. All the teaware are made from clay or stoneware. Ceramic art collectors and tea connoisseurs will be delighted by the luxury japanese teapots, tea cups  and matcha bowls.

Matcha bowls have its origin in the 15th century when tea was introduced to Japan. Since then, Japan developed its own traditional tea ceremony, “Chanoyu”.

Why not trying a traditional japanese teapot such as Kyushu or Hohin teapot to improve your Japanese green tea experience? Kyushu, literally meaning “teapot” in japanese, is mostly used to brew the most popular green tea, such as Sencha. Hohin means “treasure jar” and this teapot doesn’t have a handle. This japanese teapot is used only to brew high quality gyokuro and best sencha, which requires a much lower temperature than other green teas.

Our Japanese teaware collection will be a valuable contribution to your Japanese tea appreciation.