Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you source tea and teaware?

A. At Tea Repertoire, we directly source our tea and teaware from tea farmers and respected tea masters in tea growing regions. We also work closely with renowned ceramic artists in China, Japan and South Korea to bring unique teaware that will enrich your daily tea ritual. Currently we offer tea from the following regions and we hope our tea will bring you to a journey of discovery where you will explore the richness and diversity of tea culture around the world. 

Q. What types of tea do you offer? 

A. Tea Repertoire offers loose leaf teas that are the very best representative of each kind of speciality teas. Our selection includes:

Q. Are your teas organic? 

A. At Tea Repertoire, we respect environment and strive to source the best quality, naturally grown teas in our ethical values. We do offer a wide range of naturally grown teas without use of pesticide or chemical fertilizers. Please follow the link below to discover our biologically grown teas

However, please be noted that organic certification comes with a cost and bureaucratic complexities, hence, not all of our small growers, who produce tea with organic farming principle, can afford EU organic certification. In principal, high quality teas are picked early spring, hence do not receive much pesticide, as insect infestation increases as the temperature goes up from late spring to summer. 

Q. What kind of payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept the following payment options: American Express, Apple Pay, Master Card, Pay Pal, Visa, Shopify Pay.

No credit or debit card details will be kept by Tea Repertoire. Credit or Debit card information is always encrypted during the transfer over networks.

Q. Do your products include tax?

A. Our products are sent from Switzerland and include VTA for domestic deliveries. In many countries, VAT and import duties are not applicable for tea and foodstuffs. However, this may be different in other countries, so we ask our customers to be informed before purchasing our products from Tea Repertoire.

Q. How do you arrange shipping within Switzerland?

 A. Please have a look at our section delivery information

 Q. Do you accept returns? 

A. We are responsible to deliver goods that would meet your expectation. If you wish to cancel you order, you will be able to do so within 14 days after the placement of your order. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for detailed informations on our returns and refund policy.