India, in particular, Darjeeling is home to one of the most sublime black teas in the world. Combining its unique cultivar, terroir with creative, innovative approaches, Darjeeling produces the most fragrant and aromatic black tea in the world. 

Our exquisite Darjeeling black teas come from renowned tea gardens in Darjeeling and our range of authentic Darjeeling black teas include First Flush Turzum Clonal Flowery (SFTGFOP1), First Flush Castleton China Special (FTGFOP1), Second Flush Turzum Himalayan Mystic (SFTGFOP1) and Second Flush Sungma China Muscatel (SFTGFOP1).  

Carefully selected by our in-house tea sommelier to offer only the best representative of Darjeeling First Flush and Second Flush, our fine Darjeeling selection will please even the discerning palate of Darjeeling lovers. 

Explore our selection of finest Darjeeling black teas with Tea Repertoire and taste the difference. You will find our authentic Darjeeling black teas as a valuable contribution to your tea repertoire.