South Korea is home to exquisite, artisanal green teas and a small production of Balhyocha, a unique Korean tea, the category of which stands between black tea and oolong tea. 

Our authentic Korean teas come from renowned tea gardens in Hadong and Boseong, South Korea, reputed to produce the best green teas on the Korean peninsula. Our Korean tea collection includes Sejak, Joongjak, Woojeon, Balhyocha and Tteokcha. In particular, our Sejak Green Tea, entirely hand-picked and hand-made, is a supreme example of rare, top quality Korean green tea that is even difficult to find in South Korea. It is a real masterpiece that will please the most discerning palate of green tea connoisseurs. 

Green tea is also known as a rich source of antioxidants with several studies indicating potential health benefits of daily consumption of green tea. 

Explore the real, authentic, unique Korean teas with Tea Repertoire and taste the difference. You will find our authentic Korean teas as a valuable contribution to your tea repertoire. 

For connoisseurs of green tea and fine pottery, we suggest browsing our exquisite and sophisticated, hand-crafted ceramicware from selected artists to enhance your tea ritual.