Ethically sourced tea:
Whenever possible, we travel to source directly from tea farms around the globe.

Free shipping available in the UK and worldwide: 

Our teas are highly appreciated by tea industry experts and we are proud to supply our teas to cafes and tea houses in different countries. 

High quality teas:
Our high quality Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea will offer an exceptional tea experience to your customers. We supply more than 100 top quality specialty teas from around the world.

Competitive price for wholesale

You will receive quantity discount for our selection of 500g bulk loose leaf teas.

Bespoke free training for staff
Our tailored tea training sessions will help your staff acquainted with different tea brewing methods and essential knowledge on different tea types. We have bespoke tea selections for hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices. We will also work with you to create the perfect tea menu for your needs. 

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