Agate Blue Flambé Glaze Teapot

Tea Repertoire

Flambé Glaze technique refers to a particular method of firing ceramic glazes, in particular, those consist of crystalline glazes and multiple layers of mineral glazes at the high temperature of approximate 1300°C. Under such high temperature firing in the kiln, copper or other minerals break up on the surface of the runny glaze and are transformed into splendid blue, purple and reddish colours with flamboyant textures. 

First discovered during the Chinese Ming Dynasty, Flambé Glaze is often referred to as “Man-made Gems”, due to the finesse and splendour that it renders to porcelain. The preciousness, uniqueness and rarity of Flambé Glaze are also highlighted in the statements such as "A Flambé Glaze ware has no parallel" or "Among a thousand kilns a single jewel" - as Flambé Glaze is not fully controllable by the artist but is largely dependent on the interplay between the knowledge and skill of the artist and the natural environment. Hence, it is impossible to find two identical Flambé Glaze pieces and it takes an artist years of hard work and experiences to comprehend his own role among nature’s principles and even longer to master this sophisticated yet highly demanding technique. The rarity and splendour of Flambé Glaze as well as the challenging technique positioned Flambé Glaze ware at the upper end of ceramic art.   

Hand-crafted by Mr. Zhang Yunzeng, an official Henan Ceramic Art Master leading Yunzeng Kiln and an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage in Henan Province, China, our vibrant jade-blue AGATE BLUE FLAMBE GLAZE TEAPOT is an extraordinary piece of art that will be very much appreciated by tea connoisseurs and fine ceramic collectors.


  • Width: 12cm * Diameter: 8cm * Height: 6cm 


  • 150ml


  • The Teapot comes in a sophisticated wooden box signed and stamped by the artist. A perfect choice as a gift. 


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