Gaiwan + Pitcher + Cups +Tea Tray Modern Gongfu Tea Set

Tea Repertoire


Type: Unknown Type

The tradition meet the modern tea serving method with a Gaiwan in Glass (100 ML), Four double-walled glass cups (50 ML), a glass pitcher (280ML) and a bamboo tray to carry your set. This is the gift for any tea lovers enjoying serving tea in Gong Fu Cha technique.   

    Gift Set Outfit

    • Gaiwan 100 ML
    • Four insulated cups 50 ML
    • Pitcher 280 ML
    • Small Bamboo Tea Tray

    Care Instructions

    • Don't heat the teapot on induction stove.
    • Borosilicate Glass Resists the cleaning in Dishwasher or cold temperature in Fridge
    • Avoid radical temperature change to prevent breakage.

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