Handmade Matcha Canister

Tea Repertoire


Our handcrafted Matcha canister comes from Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture, a reputed region in Japan for sophisticated lacquerware crafts dating back to the 16th century. As known as NATSUME in Japanese, this traditional Matcha canister is used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony where Matcha is temporarily stored, and then scooped from NATSUME to the Matcha bowl.

With the gracious hand-painting of pine tree and crane, this beautiful Matcha canister embodies longevity in Japan. The pattern of cranes holding pine branches in their beaks has been a motif for traditional earthenware and lacquerware for more than a millennium in Japan.  

An elegant hand-made Matcha canister that will enhance your Matcha ritual.  

Please note that NATSUME is not completely airtight. When you store Matcha in NATSUME, please consume within a few days.


  • Diameter: 7cm * Height: 7cm


  • The NATSUME comes in a sophisticated paper box. A perfect choice as a gift. 

Care Instructions 

  • The product may break or fissure under situations which lead to rapid temperature changes such as putting it in the microwave, oven, or directly on fire.
  • Please stop using the product when it is broken or fissured.
  • Please do not put the product directly under the sunlight to prevent possible change of the shape or color. 
  • When washing it, please do not use cleansers containing abrasives or dish mops made from chemical fibers that would hurt the surface of the product.
  • Please wash the product with warm water and wipe it with soft cloth after using the product.

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