Longevity Symbol Motif Matcha Bowl

Tea Repertoire

This elegant Japanese longevity symbol-themed Matcha bowl (aka. "Chawan" in Japanese) has been hand-crafted by Sakata Bahan at Bahan kiln, Japan, known for combining the unique, natural character of soil with traditional painting and glazing techniques. 

With the gracious hand-painting of pine tree and crane, this beautiful Matcha bowl expresses an auspicious wish for longevity in Japan. The pattern of cranes holding pine branches in their beaks has been a motif for traditional earthenware and lacquerware for more than a millennium in Japan.  

A gracious Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style Pottery) Matcha bowl that will enhance the spirit of your Matcha ritual. 


  • Diameter: 12cm * Height: 8cm (Standard Matcha Bowl Size)


  • The Matcha Bowl comes in a sophisticated wooden box. A perfect choice as a gift. 


Sakata Bahan was born in 1950, Miyazaki. After accumulating his experience in Kouzan kiln, he started his own kiln in 1980. 

Bahan kiln shows a strong focus on the characteristics of the soil in porcelain making. His work features a combination of the naturalness of soil as well as the exquisiteness of traditional painting and glaze techniques. Burning under a temperature which is higher than usual porcelain making, the products are also known for its unique quality and hardness.

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