Luxury Handmade Japanese Tea Cup Pair Teaware Gift Set

Tea Repertoire


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This sophisticated, handmade Japanese tea cup pair set will be a perfectly delightful Christmas gift for tea lovers, not to mention Japanese green tea connoisseurs. 

Motifs used in this tea cup pair - cranes, pine trees, plum blossoms and bamboos are all much loved auspicious symbols in Japan, embodying longevity, devotion, strength and flexibility.  

Hand-crafted by Yamamoto Hokusai, known for its underglaze or overglaze technique, following the Ogata Kenzan style, the subtle patches of orange and pink spots on the surface illustrates his mastery of Gohonde technique. 

This magnificent Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style) porcelain is full of auspicious wishes, which will be a wonderful, memorable gift for special occasions. 


    Gift Set Outfit

    • Crane and Pine Tree Motif Cup: Diameter: 7.5cm * Height: 9.5cm 
    • Crane and Plum Blossom Motif Cup: Diameter: 7cm * Height: 9cm 


    • Crane and Pine Tree Motif Cup: 220ml
    • Crane and Plum Blossom Motif Cup: 180ml


    • This Tea Cup Gift Set comes in a sophisticated white paper box. A perfect choice as a gift. 


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