Pink Flower Crystal Tea Cup & Saucer

Tea Repertoire

This magnificent tea cup & saucer set has been hand-crafted by Dobuchi Touan, the forth successor of Touan kiln which was established in 1922. Touan Kiln, appreciated for its exquisite traditional painting of flowers on porcelain products, has put consistent efforts to innovate the kiln. In recent years, the kiln has developed a unique range of "Crystal Glaze" products which has been a great success.  

Pink Flower Crystal Tea Cup & Saucer Set is made by employing a special technique known as "Crystal Glaze", the technique, which blends certain metal substances with a translucent glaze in order to create a crystal-looking pattern on the surface of porcelain through a chemical reaction occurring during the heating process in the kiln. The result is a magnificent flower pattern crystal glaze, not only elegant and delicate in terms of design, but also perfect for brewing and serving green tea, due to its distinctive cooling sensation. 

Our gracious and exquisite PINK FLOWER CRYSTAL TEA CUP & SAUCER SET will be an ideal gift for tea lovers and fine ceramic lovers. This teaware is also suitable for drinking all kinds of tea such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Indian teas.

    Cup Dimension

    • Diameter: 8cm * Height: 6.5cm 
    • Volume: 200ml

    Saucer Dimension

    • Diameter: 16cm * Height: 2cm 
    • Pink Flower Crystal Tea Cup & Saucer Set comes in a sophisticated paper box. A perfect choice as a gift. 


    Dobuchi Touan was born in 1980, Kyoto. After graduating from Doshisha University, he succeeded as the forth owner of Touan kiln in 2011. Touan kiln was established in 1922. 

    Touan kiln features a delicate but rich use of colour based on the glaze made uniquely by the kiln. It is famous for the exquisite traditional painting of flowers and plants on the surface of its products. Also, in recent years, the kiln has devoted its effort into the HANAKESSHO products (HANA means flower and KESSHO means crystal in Japanese) which appear to be a great success. 

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