Plum Blossom Yunomi Tea Cup

Tea Repertoire

Plum blossom, "Ume" in Japanese, is a much loved symbol of the early spring season in Japan. Hand-crafted by Mori Shunzan, famous for its succession of the highly revered Ogata Kenzan (1663-1743) style porcelain, this PLUM BLOSSOM YUNOMI TEA CUP is not only exquisite in terms of its design, but is also highly practical - being a quite generous size for a Yunomi teacup, it can be used as a tea cup as well as a matcha bowl. 

In addition, the beautiful flare curve of the rim, while being aesthetically pleasing, also enhances the tea flavour when your lips touch the Yunomi. 

A sophisticated, highly versatile Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style) porcelain that will enhance your tea ritual. 


  • Diameter: 10cm * Height: 7cm 


  • 180ml 


  • The Yunomi Tea Cup comes in a sophisticated paper box. A perfect choice as a gift. 


Mori Shunzan was born in 1958, Kyoto. After graduating from the technical school of pottery in Kyoto, he won the Japanese Arts and Crafts Organisation Prize in 1997. He was officially recognised as a craftsman of traditional Japanese artefacts in 2008.

Shunzan kiln is most famous for its succession of the Ogata Kenzan style porcelain, featuring exquisite paintings of bright colours on a white or ivory base.

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