Red Glaze Matcha Bowl

Tea Repertoire

This sophisticated red glaze Matcha bowl (aka. "Chawan" in Japanese)  has been hand-crafted by Iwamoto Zuisho, the third successor of Zuisho kiln, Japan, known for his focus on red, purple and Ruri glaze in porcelain making.

This simple yet elegant, red glaze Matcha bowl is a quintessential example of his red glazing technique that underlines simplicity and elegance. When you prepare Matcha, the red colour of the Matcha bowl will create a visually stunning look by highlighting the vivid emerald green colour of the Matcha. 

A sophisticated, classy Matcha bowl that will complete your Matcha ritual. 


  • Diameter: 13cm * Height: 7cm (Standard Matcha Bowl Size)


  • The Matcha Bowl comes in a sophisticated paper box. A perfect choice as a gift. 


Iwamoto Zuisho was born in 1938, Kyoto. He was officially recognised as a craftsman of traditional Japanese artefacts in 1980. He has also participated in various related exhibitions. He succeeded as the third owner of Zuisho kiln in 1966.

Zuisho kiln shows a strong focus on making porcelain products of daily usage. Recent years, it has concentrated its preference in using red, purple and Ruri glaze in porcelain making.

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