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Repertoire Glassware is a mouth-blown, borosilicate glass teaware collection from Tea Repertoire. Made from pure borosilicate glass, renowned for its heat-resistance, durability, radiance and clarity, our elegant and functional glass teaware is designed to complete your tea moments.

This adorable glass gaiwan holds maximum 100ml volume, which is ideal for brewing Chinese and Taiwanese tea in a traditional *gong fu style. Gaiwan is a brewing vessel that was invented during the Ming Dynasty and it consists of a bowl, a lid and a saucer. In particular, Gaiwan is known to be suitable for brewing green, white and oolong tea, as the large lid allows the heat to escape hence not damage the delicate and heat-sensitive tea leaves. 

Beautifully packed in an exquisitely designed Repertoire Glassware Box, this modern and stylish glass gaiwan will make a perfect choice as a thoughtful gift for tea lovers.  

As each piece is hand made, please note that slight differences may occur in terms of height, thickness and weight. 

*If you would like to learn about Gong Fu brewing method, please click here to read our blog article on the topic. 

Product Details

  • Dimension: 
  • Capacity: 100ml 
  • Material: Borosilicate glass

Product Outfit

  • A glass gaiwan consisting of a lid and a bowl
  • A glass saucer


  • The Glass Gaiwan comes in an exquisitely designed Repertoire Glassware Box. A perfect choice as a gift. 

Care Instructions

  • Do not heat in microwave.
  • Do no heat on induction stove.
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Fridge safe.
  • Avoid radical temperature change to prevent breakage.

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