How to make a perfect cold brew tea

May 05, 2018

There is nothing better than a refreshing, fragrant cold brew tea in hot summer days, isn't it? As the weather is getting warmer these days, we decided to share some tips to make a delicious cold brew tea in this blog article. We will also suggest some teas in our tea collection that work magnificently for cold-brew. 

Making a cold-brew tea is so simple and easy. What may cause bitterness in your cup, when tea leaves are burnt with boiling water or over-steeped in hot water, is polyphenol, a naturally occurring chemical component in tea leaves. As polyphenol starts to dissolve at 80°C (i.e. 176°F), there is no need to worry about getting the right temperature or appropriate steeping time not to burn the tea leaves while you're cold-brewing your fragrant leaves! All you need is fresh, cold, filtered water, a generous size of carafe, pitcher or teapot, a strainer and good quality loose leaf tea which will yield a flavoursome cold-brew. For instance, I personally don't find that full-bodied teas with malty and earthy notes yield a refreshing, tasty cold-brew. Except for some notable exception such as light-bodied and fruity darjeeling black tea, black teas and puerh teas won't be my first recommendation as a cold-brew for hot summer days.

Once you have everything in place to start a cold brew, place 1-2 Tbsp of tea leaves in the carafe and pour filtered water on top. Keep it in the fridge for 4-5 hours. As tea doesn't become bitter with a longer steeping time, you can also keep it in the fridge overnight before you go to bed to have a refreshing, cold-brew tea ready for the next morning. Voilà - a perfectly refreshing, fragrant and healthy cold brew tea that will accompany your gym session and picnics! Also when you invite your friends over for lunch/dinner this summer, why don't you make some fragrant cold-brew to accompany your meal? I bet you won't miss your rosé. 

Here are some suggestions to start with choices of cold brew tea.

If you fancy a fragrant, easy-drinking, cold brew with honeyed sweetness and refreshing jasmine note, these two teas will yield a brew that you're exactly looking for. 

If you would like a refreshing cold brew green tea with a mild buttery and gentle vegetal note, the following Japanese green teas will be the perfect choice:

If you're looking for a cold brew with a bit of more complexities, I recommend the following oolong teas. Their uplifting and delightful character with fruity, floral and a slight woody hint will remind you of beautifully balanced white wines such as Condrieu and Riesling. 

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