All our spring Phoenix Oolongs come from Mr. Huang, the 8th generation tea master in Da'an Village, in Wudong Mountain, 1000m above sea level. In his family tea garden, there are so many old tea trees (gushu) ageing between 100 and 600 years old and we were really so impressed by the diversity of tea cultivars and his mastery of finest Phoenix oolongs during our visit to his tea garden. As these old tea trees are very precious, his tea garden is strictly protected by the Chinese government not to use any pesticide. 


Grown in high altitude, 1000m above sea level, naturally shaded with mountain mist and clouds, Mr. Huang's purely hand-picked, hand-crafted Phoenix oolong tea is in a class of its own, with its distinctively fruity and floral aroma and flavour. As they are so fragrant, they also make a perfectly refreshing, naturally fruity and floral cold brew for hot summer days. 


Truly outstanding oolongs that will impress any oolong tea connoisseurs and fine tea enthusiasts.