Teaware Gifts

Browse our lovingly and expertly crafted teaware, glassware and accessories - perfect as a gift for all tea lovers! Our range includes beautiful ornate tea pottery from around the world, as well as glassware and gongfu essentials. 

Surprise your tea-loving half, friends and colleagues with our elegant teaware gifts. Our elegant, luxury, handmade teaware will be stunning gifts for any tea lovers.

To be able to fully appreciate high quality speciality teas, one needs appropriate teaware and tea accessories. In our unique teaware collection, you will find handcrafted ceramic teapots, tea sets, japanese matcha bowls, mouth-blown glass teapots, glass mugs as well as some other loose leaf tea essentials.

Masterfully created by revered ceramic artists in Japan, South Korea and China, our fine pottery teaware items will be truly delightful gifts for tea connoisseurs. Likely, our carefully curated, beautiful glassware items and tea utensils will make wonderful gifts for tea enthusiasts to enjoy perfect tea experiences.