Tea Workshop and Tea Education


Tea Workshop


The founder of Tea Repertoire, Sujin, is a tea educator at the prestigious UK Tea Academy and works with talented chefs and patissiers to create tea pairing with food and deserts. We are very proud to share with you our tailored events dedicated to tea education and tea pairing events with our partners. 

The UK Tea Academy 

During this tea master class, Sujin Lee, will present the history of Korean tea and how tea production and tea culture has developed in the Korean peninsula until today. South Korea is growing tea in four main regions. The course explores its terroirs, cultivars and tea production methods in different tea producing regions. The students will have the opportunity to taste different grades of green tea, black tea, matcha, post-fermented dark tea (e.g. Yunnan Pu-erh tea) and Herbal Tea from South Korea and learn about the traditional Korean tea ceremony. 

 Mon 8 Nov 2021, 16:30 - Tue 16 Nov 2021, 18:30 GMT 

Tea Workshop in Geneva 

Dates to be confirmed 

Green Tea Workshop 

In this green tea tasting workshop, we will focus on Japanese green tea. You will learn and taste a variety of teas from Japan.  We will compare and taste green tea from different growing regions, including tea from Korea, China and Taiwan.

Past Event: Green Tea Tasting Workshop >>.

Tea at Black Radish 

tea pairing event at Black Radish in Wimbledon Village will be definitely an occasion to explore our teas and creative dishes! With the fantastic chefs and sommelier at Black Radish, we will present our sublime teas together with their delicious new food creations. The head chef, Toby will infuse/smoke some dishes with our tea and the sommelier Morgan will create unique tea cocktails with our speciality tea.