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Tea Repertoire London Tea Tasting Event


Join us for our tea tasting event to discover the world of specialty teas. It was during tea bar pop ups in London that we organized the first daily tea tasting sessions with different themes.

We are very happy to announce that we now regularly organize tea tasting workshops in Geneva, you can book now directly at our shop.

Here are examples of some tea tasting events we have held in the past:

Monday Tasting: Green Tea Discovery 

  • Taste Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese green teas and learn the differences in terms of terroir, cultivars, processing methods and flavour profiles. 

Tuesday Tasting: Black Tea Discovery

  • Taste black teas from China, India and South Korea. You will learn differences between various black teas and discover the diversity of flavours that black teas can offer, ranging from decadent chocolaty to fruity, floral notes. 

Wednesday Tasting: Oolong Tea Discovery

  • Learn about this fascinating category of tea! You will taste signature Taiwanese and Chinese oolong teas and learn about the peculiarity of the oolong tea processing methods, terroir, cultivars and distinctive flavour profiles. 

Friday/Sunday Tasting: Fine Tea Discovery 

  • Taste signature black, green, oolong, white and pu-erh teas from the finely curated Tea Repertoire Tea Collection. You will learn differences between different categories of teas in terms of processing methods and flavour profiles and how to brew a perfect cup of tea.  

In addition, we collaborate with the UK Tea Academy to build more knowledge about Korean Tea. We are also working with chefs at restaurants and cafes to create a perfect pairing menu with food.

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