Hand-Crafted Brown Kyushu Teapot

Tea Repertoire

Kyushu is a traditional Japanese green tea brewing vessel. Kyushu, literally meaning "Teapot" in Japanese, comes in various shapes, sizes and colours, even though Kyushu commonly refers to a teapot with a side handle. 

Our sophisticated and elegant Kyusu teapot has been hand-crafted by Kawashima Yoshinobu, the second successor of Kouzou kiln, known for its use of traditional Japanese glaze (Shino glaze and ash glaze) to add unique warmness to the products. Our gracious BROWN KYUSHU TEAPOT indeed reflects his mastery of traditional Japanese glaze technique. 

Holding 300ml of tea, this exquisite Kyushu teapot is an ideal size to make 1-3 cups of tea. With its simple yet elegant design, our gracious Kyushu teapot will be a perfect companion to enrich your tea ritual. Although Kyushu is a traditional Japanese teapot designed for brewing green tea, Kyushu can be also used to brew varying sizes of other loose leaf teas, not to mention green teas from other tea producing regions such as South Korea, China and Taiwan. 


  • Diameter: 13cm * Height: 8.5cm 


  • 300ml


  • The Kyushu Teapot comes in a sophisticated paper box. A perfect choice as a gift. 


Kawashima Yoshinobu was born in 1956, Osaka. After graduating from Kyoto technical school of pottery, he accumulated his experience as a craftsman through working in various kilns. He has won the Kyoto Best Design Prize in 1991, the Kyoto-ware Kyomizu-ware Exhibition Prize in both 1996 and 2003. He succeeded as the second owner of Kouzou kiln in 2012.

Kouzou kiln features the use of traditional Japanese glaze (Shino glaze and ash glaze), which provide a unique warmness to the products. Recently the kiln is dedicated in innovation by utilising different traditional techniques during the production, such as stamps, gold/copper painting.

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