Repertoire Earl Grey Lavender

Tea Repertoire




Tea Region: Mozambique and Greece

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Mahogany coloured infusion. 
  • Aroma: Bergamot, honey, woody notes.
  • Flavours: Zesty, citrusy, floral, bergamot note harmoniously mingles with floral lavender note and mild, woody flavour. 
  • Mouthfeel: Full-bodied, smooth liquor. Lingering citrus, floral note in the finish. 

Brewing Guidance

  • Measure 1g of tea per 100ml water. Boil water to 90℃. Steep for 4-5 minutes.

Reference:  Op. 430

Tips for Tea Connoisseurs

Repertoire Earl Grey Lavender is our unique black tea blend, made from organically grown, carefully crafted, quality black tea leaves from Mozambique and organically grown fragrant lavender flowers from Greece. Delicately scented with Bergamot essential oil, this special blend offers a delicious liquor which infuses the zesty bergamot flavour with floral lavender and mild woody notes. A beautifully balanced and palatable Earl Grey.  

Black tea is known to be just as beneficial as green tea for our health and well-being. A recent study indicates several health benefits of black tea by demonstrating that flavonoids found in black tea boost the immune system to prevent flu and other viral infection and encourage the growth of healthy microorganism in the liver to boost energy metabolism and weight loss. 

Made from EU-certified organic tea leaves and lavender flowers, this  harmoniously balanced Earl Grey gives a very pure and smooth taste. If you like this product you may also like English Breakfast Tea, Lemon Verbena SwingPhoenix Honey Orchid and Lapsang Earl Grey Royal.  

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