Taiwanese Oolong Tea Gift Set

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For oolong tea connoisseurs, we have created this special tea gift set consisting of rare, delicious Taiwanese oolong teas, which are all hand-picekd and handmade by our tea masters. 

This sublime tea gift set includes 25g of Alishan Qing Xin Jade, 25g of Qi Lai Mountain Concubine Oolong and 25g of Baozhong oolong tea. 

Alishan Qing Xin Jade is a lightly oxidised high mountain oolong tea from Ali Mountain. Carefully grown and made by our tea master, Mr. Wang, the tea offers all the classical, fragrant flavours that you can expect from a top quality, high mountain Qing Xin oolong tea. 

Tasting Notes: sweet, creamy floral (orchids, frangipani) notes on the mild buttery, vanilla, biscuity background. 

Qi Lai Mountain Concubine Oolong is a highly unique and rare tea from Qi Lai Mountain, made by combining the processing method of Oriental Beauty oolong and Dong Ding oolong tea. This tea is made by our tea master, Mr. Lee, who has been awarded the top prize many times for his oolong teas in the national tea competition in Taiwan. 

Tasting Notes: floral (rose, orange blossom), honey, dried apple notes on a toasty background. 

Baozhong is a lightly oxidised oolong tea from Nangang, Northern Taiwan. Made by Mr. Yu, a third-generation tea farmer, this Baozhong offers a light and delicate liquor with floral and vegetal notes. It's an oolong that will be loved by green tea lovers. 

Tasting Notes: fresh floral (gardenia), buttered collard greens notes with a crisp, refreshing finish (bell pepper). 

This unique set of rare Taiwanese Oolong tea will be a really special Christmas gift for any tea connoisseurs, not to mention Taiwanese oolong tea lovers. 


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