Tea and chocolate pairing

April 07, 2022

Collaboration with les Chocolats Sadé

Memorable gastronomy for Mother's Day!

With Suzan, the founder of Chocolats Sadé, we are organizing a gastronomic event combining tea and chocolate for Mother's Day which is approaching!


Opening: Phoenix Honey Orchid Royal

A glass of champagne mixed with Phoenix Honey Orchid oolong syrup.
You will see how this elegant and floral oolong transforms a brut champagne!

Then we will move on to tea and chocolate tasting. With Suzan, we have carefully selected the following 5 chocolates. Each chocolate will be accompanied by 2 different teas to complete your experience.


(1) Parsnip & saffron candy

The sweet, spicy and fragrant flavor with precious saffron.


 (2) Pepper-hibiscus candy

The sweet, vegetal and fruity flavor with the floral and tangy notes of hibiscus.


(3) Aji amarillo-quince candy 

Aji amarillo or "edible gold" from Peru is a surprisingly fruity yellow pepper.


(4) Malt and buckwheat candy 

Roasted notes, hot bread and coffee enhanced by crunchy toasted buckwheat seeds.


(5) Tarragon candy

The aromatic finesse of tarragon with a touch of liquorice.


End: Gymnopedie No.1

A Taiwanese oolong roasted with Longgan wood, a variety of Asian lychee. With notes of caramel and raisins, the tea is reminiscent of a peated whisky. A perfect digestive tea.


Date: Sunday, 8 May 13h30 - 15h30

Place: Café du Grütli 


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