Exceptional brunch at the Café du Grütli

April 07, 2022

 Easter brunch at the Café du Rütli!

Suzan, the founder of Chocolats Sadé, is also a wonderful, creative and inspiring chef. Together we organize unique 100% vegan gastronomic events accompanied by our teas at the Café du Grütli.

Discover an exceptional vegan brunch that goes harmoniously with our teas.


The Menu includes:

- Pink Cloud on a Bale of Hay & Host from Simple Mortel, to be enjoyed with a "Mediterranean Blend" white tea

- Mimosa Libre & Givre de Grué, to taste with a green tea from Japan "Hojicha"

- Chignon d'Ange, Bechamel, Celery-Sufu & Infiltration Di-Vine, to taste with a Chinese black tea "Yunnan Purple Buds"

- Leg of Cinnamon, Chocolate Sauce, Passion Fruit Concentrate & Radish of Love, to be enjoyed with a post-fermented tea from China "Puerh"

- Vegetal Affinages & Wild Breads, to taste with a blend of "Lapsang Earl Gray Royal" black teas

- Ugly Duckling on an Easter Walk, to be enjoyed with a Korean green tea "Sejak Tendresse"

- Smart Rabbit Bait, to be enjoyed with a black tea from Taiwan "Nangang Honey Black"


 Find the Full Menu >>.

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Date: Sunday, April 17 11:00

Place: Café du Grütli


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