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Tea Type: Black Tea

Tea Region: Jiri Mountain, Hadong, South Korea

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Clear, copper brown coloured liquor.  
  • Aroma:  Cocoa, leather, woody, vanilla, baked bread notes with a hint of liquorice and lavender. 
  • Flavour: Cocoa, baked cocoyam (taro), woody, nutty (hazelnut), leathery with a hint of cinnamon in the finish. A great balance between sweetness and delicate astringency. 
  • Mouthfeel: Well-rounded, smooth, supple liquor with a lingering sweet finish. Absence of astringency. 

Brewing Guidance

  • Measure 1g of tea per 100ml water. Boil water to 90℃. Steep for 4-5 minutes.

Reference: Op. 401

Balhyocha Loose Black Tea Aroma Profile

Tips for Tea Connoisseurs

Our Balhyocha is a partially oxidised, artisanal, Korean black tea, made from tea leaves of wild tea bushes naturally grown on the slopes of Jiri Mountain, Hadong, South Korea.

In South Korea, there are three main tea producing regions - Boseong, Hadong and Jeju Island. While the tea gardens located in Jeju Island mostly produce industrialised, mechanised green teas, small scale tea gardens around Hadong area continue to produce top quality, traditional, artisanal green tea and semi-oxidised black tea called "Balhyocha" from wild tea bushes grown in the region.

Made from naturally grown tea leaves and buds of the third spring flush used to make "Joongjak" green tea, the hand-plucked tea leaves have received 80% of oxidation to create this smooth and mellow, semi-oxidised black tea. The cocoa under-toned, luscious liquor harmoniously mingles baked cocoyam, woody, hazelnut and cinnamon flavours while delicate astringency brings more liveliness to the liquor. 

This is a rare chance to try an authentic, wild-bush, Balhyocha from Hadong. This unique semi-oxidised, Korean black tea will be much appreciated by black tea enthusiasts who look for mellow yet uplifting character in their black tea.  

Certified MAFRA Organic, which is equivalent to EU organic standards. 

Black tea is known to be just as beneficial as green tea for our health and well-being. A recent study indicates several health benefits of black tea by demonstrating that flavonoids found in black tea boost the immune system to prevent flu and other viral infection and encourage the growth of healthy microorganism in the liver to boost energy metabolism and weight loss. 

Learn More About Korean Tea

Korean green tea is graded according to the date of harvest and the maturity of buds and leaves: Woojeon/Ujeon (First Pluck), Sejak (Second Pluck), Joongjak/Jungjak (Third Pluck) and Daejak (Fourth Pluck). Each grade comes up with their unique flavour and Joongjak green tea is made from one tender bud and two fully opened leaves of early May. Our Balhyocha is made from the tea leaves used to make "Joongjak" green tea. 

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