Bamboo Motif Matcha Bowl

Tea Repertoire

This elegant bamboo-themed Matcha bowl (aka. "Chawan" in Japanese) has been hand-crafted by Katou Jyosui at Nyozan Kiln, Japan, known for a range of fine porcelain products with various traditional Japanese style influenced by Nonomura Ninsei (ca. 17th century), Ogata Kenzan (1663 -1743), Ogata Kourin (1658 - 1716), Honami Kouetsu (1558 - 1637). 

Bamboo, known as "Take" in Japanese, embodies endurance and flexibility, which are much appreciated virtues in Japan, as bamboo is flexible yet straight from the root to top. Graciously painted bamboo in concoction with extravagant gold leaves on top, this sophisticated bamboo-themed Matcha bowl will enrich your Matcha ritual with its aesthetically stunning and splendid look. 

In addition, unlike most Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style Pottery) Matcha bowls which are coated with a transparent glaze, this outstanding Matcha bowl has been specially coated with a translucent yellow glaze to further enhance its sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere.

A highest grade Matcha bowl that will help you create an exceptional Matcha moment. 


  • Diameter: 12.5cm * Height: 7.5cm (Standard Matcha Bowl Size)


  • The Matcha bowl comes in a sophisticated wooden box. A perfect choice as a gift.  


Katou Jyosui was born in 1948, Kyoto. After graduating from technical school of pottery in Kyoto, he started as an apprentice under Fukuda Shosai. He has won the Kyoto Governor Prize in 1970, and participated in many pottery exhibition in both Japan and overseas. He was officially recognised as a craftsman of traditional Japanese artefacts in 1996 and awarded as Great Contributor to the Development of Traditional Japanese Arts and Crafts in 2003.

Nyozan Kiln is known as the successor of various traditional Japanese style of porcelain products, its products show a strong influence from Nonomura Ninsei, Ogata Kenzan, Ogata Kourin, Honami Kouetsu styles. 


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