Individually Wrapped Repertoire Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bags

Our exceptionally fragrant and acclaimed Repertoire Earl Grey leaves are enclosed in our deluxe pyramid tea sachets, crafted from natural corn starch and entirely biodegradable and free from plastic. Providing a deeply aromatic and delightful cup of tea, this exceptional Earl Grey makes for a perfect companion throughout your day.


100% Black Tea scented with high-quality, premium essential bergamot oil.


Bergamot, with notes of woodiness, honey, and zest.

Health Benefits: 

Earl Grey, classified under black tea, contains theaflavins, natural antioxidants found in black tea known for their potential in preventing or combating cancer and other diseases. To explore further information on the health benefits of tea, please visit the link provided: health benefits of tea.

How to drink it? 

Heat 300 mL of water to 90°C and steep one tea bag for 3 to 5 minutes.


There are 50 Biodegradable pyramid tea bags of Repertoire Earl Grey available. Each tea bag contains 3g of our fragrant and aromatic Repertoire Earl Grey tea leaves.

Sustainable Packaging - Embracing Responsible Practices for Our Planet

Our tea bags are fully compostable, enclosed in envelopes crafted from corn starch with no plastic. Presented in pyramid-shaped bags, they contain luxurious whole leaf, single-origin infusions, offering an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and opulent choice tailored for those who prioritize nature and biodiversity.


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