Introducing Our 100% Plastic-Free, Biodegradable, Natural, Plant-Based Tea Bags

April 13, 2024

Why Sustainability Matters

Before we dive into the details of our 100% compostable, eco-friendly tea bags, let's take a moment to reflect on why sustainability matters. As tea enthusiasts, we cherish the earth's natural resources and recognize the importance of protecting them for future generations. That's why we've made a critical step to create tea bags that not only delight your taste buds but also tread more lightly on the planet.

Sip with Purpose

Every cup of tea is an opportunity to make a positive impact – on your health, on the environment, and on communities around the globe. With our 100% compostable, eco-friendly, plant-based packaged tea bag collection, you can sip with purpose, knowing that each tea bag is crafted with sustainability consciousness in mind.

Are you passionate about tea and the planet? At Tea Repertoire, we share your enthusiasm for both, which is why we're excited to unveil the eco-friendly secret behind our tea bags. Say goodbye to conventional tea bags laden with plastic and hello to a more sustainable, planet-friendly option! 

The challenge with plastic in tea bags

We saw a need for individual-use sachets, but traditional envelopes contain a 10% - 40% mix of plastic inner layer, which makes recycling impossible because of the mix of components. At Tea Repertoire, we use a technology that enables us to produce a product that is 100% plant-based, compostable, making it ideal for the environment. Please note that even if teabags are indicated as “recyclable”, norms in the EU still allow to have 10% percentage of plastic inner layer to be considered as “recyclable”.

At Tea Repertoire, we chose to eliminate 100% of plastic in the tea bag and the outer packaging production, which makes a real difference for combating the microplastics in the environment.

Introducing Our Natural PLA Tea Bags

At Tea Repertoire, we're committed to reducing our environmental footprint, which is why our tea bags are packaged in 100% plant-based, eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable. 

What sets our tea bags apart? It's simple – they're made using natural PLA (i.e. Natural Polylactic Acid), derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. Unlike traditional plastics that are derived from fossil fuels, PLA offers a more sustainable alternative that reduces our reliance on non-renewable, fossil resources.

Our tea bags are crafted from sustainable materials that leave a minimal environmental footprint, with natural PLA being a key component. Here's how it works:

  • Envelope and Tea Bag: Made from Natural PLA and recycled paper sourced from responsibly managed forests, which is eco-friendly.
  • Mesh: Our tea bags feature a biodegradable mesh made from plant-based fibers, ensuring that every brew is free from microplastics.
  • Tea Tag: The tea tags attached to our bags are crafted from paper.
  • Glue on the Tea Tag: There is no glue used. The tea bag is cut and seal with the aid of Ultrasonics and the Envelope is sealed with a inner coating of PLA. No chemicals been used. The total process is 100% plastic free.
  • Ink Used: The printing process utilizes eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, vegetable-based inks that are free from harmful chemicals, minimizing environmental impact without compromising on vibrant colors. Any compostable material should use vegetable-based ink. Ink made from fossil based, petroleum are not compostable. 

Join the Sustainability Movement

Ready to make the switch to eco-friendly tea bags? Explore our range of sustainable teas and join us in our commitment to preserving the planet, one cup at a time.

Try our sample collection

Before committing,  try our enveloped tea bag sample >>

Eco-Friendly Packaging Tea Collection



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