Individually Wrapped Chamomile Pyramid Tea Bags

Our premium chamomile flowers, meticulously selected by hand, are carefully enclosed within our deluxe pyramid tea sachets. Crafted from natural corn starch, these sachets are entirely biodegradable and free from plastic. Naturally devoid of caffeine and renowned for their calming properties, this herbal infusion is an ideal choice for bedtime relaxation.


Herbal infusion featuring caffeine-free chamomile flowers sourced from Croatia.


A delightful blend of sweet, floral notes combined with hints of honey and apple, complemented by a subtle earthy undertone.

Health Benefits: 

Chamomile tea naturally contains the antioxidant apigenin, known for its potential to combat insomnia. Additionally, laboratory tests suggest that apigenin may also possess properties that could potentially lower the risk of cancer.

Explore further details about the health advantages of tea on our blog health advantages of tea on our blog.

How to drink it? 

Heat 300 ML of water to 95℃ and steep one tea bag for 3-5 minutes.


50 Biodegradable pyramid tea bags of Chamomile. Each tea bags contain 2g of Chamomile flowers.

Sustainable Packaging - Committing to Responsible Practices for Our Planet

Our tea bags are entirely compostable, featuring non-plastic envelopes made from corn starches. Encasing luxury whole leaf, single-origin infusion within pyramid-shaped bags, this offering presents an ecologically sound, sustainable, and luxurious solution tailored for individuals mindful of nature and biodiversity.


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