Matcha Samidori

Tea Repertoire


Tea Type: Matcha Green Tea

Tea Region: Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Intense, vivid, bright green, cloudy, foamy liquor.
  • Aroma: Delicately sweet, milky and creamy aroma with a hint of caramel. 
  • Flavour: Sweet, milky, vanilla, nutty flavour, with a hint of watercress and walnut skin in the finish. The umami flavour is persistent on the palate. 
  • Mouthfeel: Rich, full-bodied, velvety liquor with lingering, umami sweetness.

Brewing Guidance

  1. Sift the Matcha to remove any lumps and enhance its mellow flavour.
  2. Plack 2 Chashaku or 1 teaspoon of Matcha (approx. 2g) into the Chawan bowl.
  3. Pour 60ml of hot water (80℃) and whisk the Matcha with a bamboo Chasen until it becomes creamy and foamy. 
  • NB. This guidance is for the preparion of Usucha (thin and mild Matcha). To prepare Koicha (thick and strong Matcha), follow the same steps, but double the amount of Matcha. Unlike Ushucha, Koicha will not become foamy while whisking. 

Tips for Tea Connoisseurs 

Matcha Samidori comes from an award-winning, historical tea garden in Uji, Japan. For those who are not familiar with the Japanese tea history, Uji is the birthplace of Japanese green tea which hosts oldest tea fields in Japan. There are many celebrated heritage tea gardens are located in Uji, which is reputed to produce the very best Matcha throughout the whole of the Japanese archipelago. 

Our Matcha Samidori is even more special, as it is a single cultivar matcha made by our great tea master, Mr. Tanaka, who runs his family tea garden that was established during the Tensho era. Made from only carefully hand-picked tea leaves of the prestigious Samidori cultivar, this single cultivar matcha is a classic example of the very best competition grade ceremonial matcha you can find even in Japan. 

Please note that many matcha we find in the market are blended, which means tea leaves from different tea cultivars are used to make matcha. This is mainly because blending can lower down the production cost, as the classic, indigenous Uji cultivars (e.g. Asahi, Samidori, Narino, Gokoh and Uji Hikari) which are used to make the very top ceremonial matcha are really expensive and blending these cultivars with other less prestigious cultivars can lower down the cost and could also add more balance in terms of their body and mouthfeel. 

However, drinking single-cultivar matcha made from these quintessential elite Uji cultivars that get the first prize in the national tea competition is whole another level of revelation for our taste buds. In terms of flavour and mouthfeel, Matcha Samidori offers a full-bodied, mellow, rich and creamy infusion with a distinctive nutty and lightly herbaceous note - walnut skin and watercress, which are all highly desired flavour characteristics for top notch matcha. The sweetness in the finish lingers long on the palate. 

A truly rare opportunity to try top, award-winning, Koicha grade, single-cultivar matcha from Uji, Japan. 

For Matcha connoisseurs, we highly recommend trying to experience the difference of our top ceremonial grade Matcha - Matcha Eroica, Matcha Okunoyama, Matcha Asahi and Matcha Samidori.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a finely grounded powdered green tea, made from tea leaves shade-grown for 3-6 weeks before the harvest. Due to its limited exposure to the sunshine, tea plants undergo a chain of physiological changes in order to survive, which, in turn, results in the changes of the chemical composition of the tea leaves. Produced this way, Matcha tea is extremely rich in antioxidants and L-theanine. 

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is one of the superfoods known to be highly rich in antioxidants and amino acids. Explore our range of top ceremonial grade Matcha to find your favourite daily matcha and enhance your daily vitality. Our Matcha will be your perfect daily companion to boost your immune system and sense of well-being. 

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