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Shi Feng Long Jing tea, also known as Lion's Peak Dragon Well, is a legendary Chinese green tea celebrated for its exceptional quality and unique characteristics. The appearance of Shi Feng Long Jing leaves is striking, featuring slender, flat, and jade green leaves that exude freshness and elegance. These leaves are meticulously hand-picked from a lush green tea garden nestled around the picturesque, West Lake in Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province, China.

The tea gardens where Shi Feng Long Jing thrives are situated amidst the stunning natural landscapes of the West Lake region in Hangzhou. Blessed with a temperate climate, fertile soil, and abundant rainfall, these gardens provide an ideal environment for cultivating premium tea. The mist-shrouded mountains and crisp air contribute to the distinctive flavor and aroma that define Shi Feng Long Jing.

The unique geographical features and microclimate of the tea gardens play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of Shi Feng Long Jing tea. The combination of mountainous terrain, natural shades by clouds and mist, and nutrient-rich soil infuses the tea leaves with a delicate sweetness and a refreshing, grassy undertone. The cool mountain breezes slow down the growth of the tea plants, allowing for the development of complex flavors and aromas.

When brewed, Shi Feng Long Jing tea delights the senses with its smooth, velvety texture and mellow taste. The infusion boasts a light golden hue and releases a fragrant aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass and chestnuts. With each sip, the tea leaves a lingering, slightly sweet nutty aftertaste that invigorates the palate and soothes the soul with its delicate spirit of spring.

We offer two grades of Dragon Well in our tea selection - this real, authentic, Shi Feng Long Jing from Shi Feng mountain around the West Lake and this certified organic Dragon Well from a certified EU/USDA organic tea garden in Zhejiang Province. While Shi Feng Long Jing offers more delicate, finer, toasty, nutty floral notes, the organically grown, Dragon Well from Zheijiang province is also delicious, with pronounced chestnut, orchid floral notes with a delicate fruity hint, not to mention the great quality/price ratio. If you are a lover of long jing green tea, try both - you will be rejoiced with the essential flavour of a well-made, traditional Long Jing tea, with a distinctive sweet nutty, toasty, chestnut and hazelnut flavour, yet very pure taste, which shows its quality made from early spring harvest. 

Beyond its exquisite taste and aroma, Shi Feng Long Jing tea is celebrated for its myriad health benefits. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, this green tea is believed to boost metabolism, support weight loss, and promote overall well-being. Regular consumption of Shi Feng Long Jing may also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and enhance cognitive function, making it a cherished beverage for both pleasure and wellness.

Tea Region: Shi Feng Mountain, Hangzhou, Zheijiang Province, China

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Shi Feng Long Jing tea leaves are slender and flat, boasting a vibrant green color that reflects their freshness and quality.
  • Aroma: The aroma of Shi Feng Long Jing is reminiscent of freshly cut grass and chestnuts, with subtle floral undertones that tantalize the senses.
  • Flavor: Shi Feng Long Jing tea offers a smooth and mellow flavor profile, characterized by a delicate sweetness and refreshing grassy notes.
  • Mouthfeel: When sipped, Shi Feng Long Jing tea envelops the palate with a velvety texture, leaving behind a lingering, slightly sweet aftertaste that is both satisfying and rejuvenating.

Brewing Guidance

  • Measure 1g of tea per 100ml water. Boil water to 70℃. Steep for 2-3 minutes.

Reference: Op. 246


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